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We are so excited for you to join us for our event and get connected

The GC3 First Look event is all about creating a fun, and engaging way for our congregation to learn more about our past, our present, and our vision for the future!

Become acquainted with staff and leaders. Enjoy a free lunch and door prizes. A special message from Pastor Victor Sweet about our history -- And so much more!

If you are new, or just trying to find a way to become more connected with GC3, please sign up to join us! We would love to have you!
We will be running a "First Look Kids," at the same time, so please feel free to bring the whole family!

Please fill out the form below, and Sabrina Covey will contact you as soon as possible to share some important details with you!


We are so sorry, but at this time our form to sign up is closed for the First Look event on February 3rd! Please check back with us, as we will be hosting more First Look events in the future!